As a young girl, Whitney has been fascinated with brands; the identity intrigued her the most. In research, she found that brands were designed to create an emotional and memorable experience. Whitney wanted to become just that! A trusted designer who delivers clear, concise and compelling stories.

Her fifteen years of experience, ten of which in-corporate covers every avenue of brand identity, logo development, package development, print advertisement, print production, and any other related marketing mediums. Whitney ensures brand consistency across all the communication channels that exceed expectations.

A native of Chicago, IL, she earned her MFA in Media Design from Full Sail University, and her BAS in Graphic Design from Robert Morris University. Whitney is a devoted wife and mother!

Personal Fact:

Whitney is working to build a nonprofit organization for our future leaders. The organization will focus on educating our future leaders on honesty and respect. The three main objectives would be: to teach our future leaders how to properly handle issues, make their own way with the correct frame of mind, and live beyond boundaries. Our community needs unity!

Fun Fact:

Whitney enjoys film production! She had the privilege of being a script supervisor for a few short independent films in Chicago.

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“Being wealthy with information is not given, it is earned through life experience in the left, middle and right lanes.”
~ WN